Rose uses Neurotherapy to improve deficiencies in such cases as: concussion, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson, stroke, vertigo, balance disorders, and children with ADHD and learning disabilities. Rose’s system uses simple exercises to communicate to the nervous system in order to create synergy in the brain. The system is based off of the Accomplished Brain’s vestibular and functional medicine practice as well as Dr. Amen’s ‘Brain Health’ program.

We have all heard the left-brain is more verbal memory, reading, math calculations and the right-brain is more visual memory, social skills, body awareness, etc. While the Cortex takes care of our cognitive process, we also have to respect how we physically function; walking, standing up, playing sports, or even managing the commute to work. These daily activities are predominately run through our Brain Stem, eyes, and inner ear workings; the Vestibular System. Rose’s system works in correlation with the Cortex and Spinal Cord to create proper function voluntarily and involuntarily.

The brain is used as a relay center for information. This information, coming in or projecting out, has to run through pathways in the Brain Stem. When rehabbing the brain Rose uses simple physical and visual sensory exercises to either excite or inhibit different relay pathways in the brain in order to promote healing. This includes eye movements, head movements, proprioception, and ELDOA

Lastly, it is important to remember that most of our neurotransmitters -chemicals in the brain that can boost, calm, or balance neurons in the brain- are produced in the gut. Therefore, diet directly affects brain function. Rose gives nutrition and supplementation guidance after a full evaluation.

6 years ago a close family member of Rose suffered a severe concussion from a car accident. She had seen Neurologists, Chiropractors, and even a concussion clinic to help her recover. Most of the practitioners prescribed painkillers, while others did not have any means of rehabilitation. After some time, we were referred to Andrew Amigo of The Accomplished Brain. Andrew was able to cut down her symptoms significantly within 2 weeks. Within a month Rose’s family member was able to functionally go through her day without the symptoms returning.

At that point Rose knew he had to pursue Amigo to help those in need with neurological disorders. Rose has studied under Amigo Since 2015. He has taken Amigo’s vestibular and nutritional background and paired it with Dr. Amen’s Brain coaching methods in order to create Functional Neurotherapy.


“Rose’s vestibular work helped me improve my focus and coordination to help me get back on the ice after my concussion”

J. Lambert – Rye Country Day Hockey