Semi-private training uses a systematic approach to training that puts a demand on your cardiovascular and nervous system in a 45 minute session. The session challenges your aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, mobility, and coordination while avoiding wear and tear on your joints in a small group setting. It's designed to push you physically and mentally, but allows for quick recovery to compliment your current training regimen. The system is based off of a cardiology principle that different body positions solicit different responses from the heart. We use this as a guideline for exercise selection and duration to strengthen the lower body, upper body, and abs with the intention of increasing postural awareness and increased coordination. ATCON allows a maximum of 4 people at a time in order to ensure synergy and proper form within the session.The benefits of ATCON include:

Increase of Areobic Capacity Significant Caloric Burn Increase in Balance and Postural Awareness Increase in Hip and T-Spine Mobility Increase Hydration of Muscle Tissue

10 Pack: $600
15 Pack: $750

20 Pack: $800